MAAJABU Is a Swahili Name means “Amazing“, therefore Maajabu Africa Safari means “Amazing Africa Safari“.

KARIBU – WELCOME to Tanzania the land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, the home of the ‘SAFARI’. There is no better company to ensure that you enjoy the enriching experience of Tanzania’s immense natural endowment than to travel with Maajabu Africa Safaris Ltd. This is your choice of a lifetime, by deciding that Tanzania becomes your next holiday with Maajabu Africa Safaris Ltd. We are honored to host you and guide you around the wide selection of natural attractions across the country all in style and comfort, we guarantee you a wonderful and memorable experience.

At Maajabu Africa Safaris Ltd, we are proud to be a group of professional natives. True sons and daughters of the soil, who know the country like the palms of our hands. And we are eager and willing to share our broad and insightful knowledge of this beautiful country with our foreign visitors.