Tanzania is a country of immense natural endowment, especially so in terms of quantity, quality and variety of its flora and fauna. Blessed with diversity of scenery, long white sand beaches, wonderful historical sites and a cultural cocktail of the warmth and grace of her people, Tanzania is an extraordinary holiday destination. Nearly 25% of Tanzania’s landmass has been designated and put under national protection either as protected areas, game reserves or full fledged national parks which are devided into three tourism circuits:
In the largest Northern Tanzania circuit there is the Serengeti – “the endless plains”, the Ngorongoro crater- “Cradle of mankind”, the Oldoinyo lengai – “Mountain of God” and the Kilimanjaro – “the roof of Africa” among others.

In the Southern and western Tanzania circuit there is the Selous – “the worlds largest virgin game reserve”, gombe – “home of mans closest relative – chimpanzee”, ruaha, mikumi and Katavi National parks among others.
Then we have the eastern and coastal strip which comprises the spice islands of Zanzibar, the mafia island marine park, bagamoyo historical sites and amboni caves among others.

Tanzania has nearly 1000 kms of cost line for which beach holiday enthusiasts can savour. The cultural cocktail comprising of some 125 ethnic tribes offer a very enriching experience of the cultural interface.

Tanzania also happens to be the home of the last descendants of the Bushmen of Africa- The Wahadzabe and Datoga tribes whose culture and traditions are an attraction in their own right. Indeed Tanzania is a large country. For anyone to say that the attractions listed above constitute a realistic sample would take either a foreigner masquerading as a Tanzanian tour operator or a gross misrepresentation of facts of the century.

At Maajabu Africa Safaris Ltd, we are proud to be a group of professional natives. True sons and daughters of the soil, who know the country like the palms of our hands. And we are eager and willing to share our broad and insightful knowledge of this beautiful country with our foreign visitors.